Your bird was meant for much more than just sitting in a cage. They were made to stretch their wings and to feel the sun on their feathers - they were born to fly. Birds are intelligent and complex creatures with quirky personalities and as our loyal companions we are obligated to attend to their needs and ensure that they have a great quality of life. With the AVIATOR HARNESS you do just that!

The ORIGINAL AVIATOR HARNESS is the safest, most trusted and effective product that you will find. It is lightweight and features some unique safety elements in the design like:

  • The fixed neck loop that fits high up on the back of the neck to prevent the harness slipping onto the wing area and causing distress.  It fits below the crop in the front which means that the bird can safely eat while wearing the Aviator harness.
  • The single lightweight slide buckle around the waist that orients itself between the bird and the owner at the other end of the leash. It moves with the bird - this means that if your bird flies to the end of the leash or changes direction - the slide changes direction with it which lessens the potential for impact injuries to the breastbone.
  • The shock cord attached to the harness. This absorbs the impact if your bird flies to the end of the leash and lessens the chance of injury.  It also allows the bird to re-orient itself in a normal and safe way before flying on.
  • The combination of the slide buckle and the shock cord actually create a gentle urge to circle back once the end of the leash is reached - which is very usefull for training free flight recall.
  • The Aviator Harness parts are welded rather than sewn so that the harness will be safe on your bird’s sensitive skin.
  • It is a one piece harness with no clips or metal that means no hard bits pressing on your bird’s body. No clips also means that nothing can come undone either.
  •  The mesh material it is made of is very smooth, so there’s little friction against the bird’s feathers, reducing the chance of damaging them. 

This harness will allow you to take your bird outside, without fear of them flying away or getting hurt. It truly gives them a whole new way to experience freedom and quality of life. 

If you add a flightline or leash extension – your bird can get the exercise they need to stay fit. They will develop better coordination and ignite their natural intelligence. They’re more content and more confident.

It is beautiful in its simplicity and the ideal choice. You can see and feel the quality and it is certainly worth the difference.