If you are looking at this page you may be a little confused about where to start....

BEGINNER TOYS - these are for first timers and for smaller birds.

INTERMEDIATE TOYS - these are for very smart birds or birds with some experience of puzzle toys already.

ADVANCED TOYS - these are for the birds that really know what they are doing!

Remember - you want to set your bird up to SUCCEED so always start the toy completely open before advancing to locking the puzzle.

If you have a very young bird - you may want to start with softer options like HEXAGON FORAGING BOXES,BUFFET BOX or the FORAGING BOX STARTER KITS.

If your bird has only ever played with destructable rawhide and wood toys before - you may want to start with toys that combine destruction and foraging like TIKI HUT or FORAGING BOXES until your bird gets the idea.

If you have a super smart bird like an African Grey or a Cockatoo then you may want to consider toys that have multiple levels of difficulty to begin with like TURN AND LEARN LOGS.

Remember that see-through toys will be easier for the bird than opaque or coloured toys.

If your bird is already problem solving by undoing cage locks and pulling curtains into the cage - try to work out if he/she likes to turn things (works a key off a keyring, unlocks the cage door, undoes a knot) or pull things (buttons off remote controls, pulls paper through the bars).  If your bird likes to turn things then you may want to look a RINGS OF FORTUNE or TURN AND LEARN LOGS.  If your bird likes to pull things then something like the PUSH AND PULL would be a good place to start.