We know, we know ... there is just so much lovely stuff here it is really hard to pick something.  Especially if you are shopping for somebody else. So why not get them a gift voucher and let them decide what they want for themselves? We are really happy to customise your voucher for you if you would like - just let us know what you want your voucher to say at check out and - voila!

Here is how our gift vouchers work:

1. Decide on which theme you would like for your voucher. We have:

  • General (good for all occasions)
  • Christmas (for when the Fat Man flies by)
  • Birthday (because nobody really wants socks)
  • Anniversary (nothing says "I love you" like a bit of wearable art)
  • Mothers Day (for when flowers just won't do)
  • Valentine's Day (for when you forgot to book the fancy restaurant a year in advance)

2. Decide how much you want to spend. We have:

  • R100
  • R200
  • R300
  • R400
  • R500
  • More than R500 - speak to us about a bespoke voucher - please!

3. Let us know if you would like the voucher customised in any way at check out. Here are some suggestions:

  • We can issue the voucher to the pet him/herself
  • We can add some words to the voucher like "I'm sorry" or "marry me" or... well ... you get the idea..
  • We can add the person's name to the voucher
  • We can add the giver's name to the voucher

4. You will be sent a payfast link to pay for your voucher

5. You will be emailed the voucher with the voucher code and instructions on redeeming the voucher within 24 hours of us receiving proof of payment.

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